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Various Artists
REITEN presents ENSō 2020

REITEN presents ENSō 2020






2x Vinyl Gatefold



Release date

Jul 24, 2020




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The album you are holding in your hands showcases the cast of musicians in the first edition of the Ensō Festival. Records that document or accompany actual events are not quite able to capture all of the uniquely staged experience of music happening ‘here and now’; they typically can’t substitute the extended immersion and effervescence that are among the goals of any festival worth its name. However, records can give us a glimpse into the meanings of such events, however imperfect. They can convey some of the sensations, emotions and ideas encoded in the music, however incomplete. What counts is how affectively touching they are, not how effectively truthful they appear.

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Kosei Fukuda - 円窓 - ENSō



Uchi - Zro



YPY - Circulation



Recent Arts - My Default Emotion



Renick Bell - Organize and Unite



MA & Kosei Fukuda - 円相ノ間(ふるつき)- ENSō no MA (FURUTSUKI)



Yves De Mey - The Chosen Home



tobias. - He Turned Into Him



Katsunori Sawa - The Stonewall



Yuji Kondo - Zenith



Rabih Beaini - Circle



Ena - 42.1



Lemna - Moments In Eternal Recurrence


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EU Stock: ✅UK Stock: ✅After two series of conceptual EPs and the intricate experimental “Enso” Festival compilation, Kosei Fukuda returns with a full length solo project – the debut LP. This marks his thirteenth release on the Reiten label – a platform he created to showcase his techno music and the more general, experimental aesthetic agenda of which the club music is but one facet. As a producer and sound artist, Fukuda has shared his time between Tokyo and Berlin. Delving into the music scene of the latter in the late 2010s, he attracted the attention of and has worked with artists including Berghain resident Tobias Freund, Claudio PRC and Rabih Beaini. The album is split into two halves, and in principle, the two albums, called ‘Ruten –’ and ‘Ruten +’ are meant to represent the principle of Ying & Yang, the two elemental forces and the eternal cycle of energy. As a whole, they signify a journey from the nascent being to the eventual dissolution of everything into nothing. The first volume starts appropriately with the unassuming intro “dawn” and proceeds from the investigative look at the evanescent yet tangible droplets of “mist” and on to the contemplative gaze at the most distant, unreachable constellation of “nebula”. Regardless of metaphorical intent though, the music moves within one universe of downtempo, ambient and drone, combining the palpable beats (rhythmic pattern) with the atmospheric backgrounds (harmonic flow).
Shipping from EU: ✅Shipping from UK: ✅Hypertext' is the third album by Recent Arts, the A/V duo formed by media artist Valentina Berthelon and multi-disciplinary artist Tobias Freund. Out in February 2022 via Japan's Reiten, its 9 tracks mirror Recent Arts new, forthcoming A/V show, following their previous debuts also at Atonal and Berghain's Säule of the recent years.'Hypertext' video projections and experimental electronic music synergise ideas of non-linear data and information processing, drawing parallels to computational thinking with the way our human brains biologically process information. Visuals are the catalysts for the music, inspired by the overwhelming amount of information and the speed at which we consume different media, featuring a cacophony of hundreds of different media, poetry, images of surveillance and clips of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
Shipping from EU: ✅Shipping from UK: ✅After two years of silence Alpenglühen returns with a new release by Jaime Romero aka Estrato Aurora. Jaime is an old acquaintance of the label as he is a member of Pajaro Dune with David Ortolá who were who kicked off the label in 2017. The EP Margen is a turning point in the label since you will not find only deep techno, which until now had been the characteristic sound of Alpenglühen. In this fourth reference you will find downtempo, halftime, breaks, even ambient, and of course some touches of profound techno that make this reference the most heterogeneous and also one of the wealthiest of the series. Of course, while still exploring the thin line that separates light from darkness.
Shipping from EU: ✅Shipping from UK: ❌What is the sound of feeling?In physics, we conceive of sound as waves. Vibrations, undulations, physical manifestations: heard but not seen. Borne by the body, but interpreted in the brain.Within ourselves, we perceive emotion as waves, too. Rolling in, rolling out: tidal, even. In moments of violet intensity, the depth of our feeling crashes upon us like surf, rip currents on a corporeal beach.Worlds apart, but waves in kind. For musician and composer Jo Johnson, the veil between is diaphanous indeed. What you hear is what you feel. Listen and uncover.
Shipping from EU: ✅Shipping from UK: ❌"Tides" is Joachim Spieth’s second longplayer which will be released on his own Affin imprint. The album is dividedinto 8 tracks, built by seemingly endless, sensitively interwoven surfaces and creates curves of tension between immersive, melancholic and euphoric moments. Layers of atmospheric sounds create a dense and engaging mood, flowing into a swirl of emotions. This is a re-release of the vinyl album from 2020.
Shipping from EU: ❌Shipping from UK: ✅Colombian-born, Juan Carlos Torres Alonso aka OKRAA debuts on A Strangely Isolated Place with a set of four extended, beguiling tracks that harness the power of a slowly developing, cathartic process ofexperimentation, textures and noise. With Garage and Electro releases amongst labels such as Lobster Theremin and Shadow Puppet, Juan’s OKRAA alias has laid ambition to cover many unrestricted styles moving forward, and none could be as fluid in description as ‘1994’.What began as an experiment in minimalism, 1994’s approach was dictated by the methods used within thecreation of its very first track, ‘Ola De Luz’. After developing 15 modules and patterns that were originallymeant to be performed live, Juan continued to use this bank of sounds as an expression of his manyemotions over the years. Each track on 1994 is inspired by different personal life events, but built upon andevolved from this similar palette of sounds, patches and field recordings.The result is a record that feels extremely focused, yet alive and growing with each listen, reflecting the manyyears of changing emotions. The sounds of underwater field recordings cascade into waterfalls of noise, anduniform waves of light, both stimulating and transformative, birth new levels of movement and energy aseach track progresses. It’s a combination of majestic force and respect for the detailed listening experience,minimalism birthing maximalism, in many ways.