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1x CD

Release date

Dec 2, 2021


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A showcase of individual tracks from A Strangely Isolated Place’s 2021 label
releases and a special continuous DJ mix by todos.
For last year's label compilation, I mentioned how I hoped to invite a guest DJ
to compile the next edition, and here we are. Of course, it just had to be our
long-term musical companion, a good friend of mine, and well-respected DJ,
I was first introduced to todos through his well-respected Kilchurn Mix series.
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, they remain some of my favorite
mixes of all time (listen to them all on the ASIP site when you get a chance).
His ability to craft a narrative, manipulate samples and respect the grey area
between ambient and electronic music, is second-to-none.
Since blogging about his mixes all the way back in 2008, and inviting him to
compile a special isolatedmix a few years later, Doug (todos) and I have
stayed in touch and connected further after learning we grew up with very
similar musical trajectories. Doug also coincidentally, ended up living where
my family are today (and where I spent my life growing up) in a surprising
twist of fate. And in 2021, after years of speaking online, we finally got to
meet, play
records (in real life!), and go for a long overdue beer.
I always earmarked Doug to be a part of ASIP somehow, so it is my absolute
pleasure to hand over the DJ reins for the 2021 compilation edition. Doug
had free choice over which tracks to choose, as long as he included one track
from each release of the year. The result is a very special mix, taking us
through the ASIP 2021 release catalog in his unique, signature, todos style.
“2021 has been another tough year but the music that has come out of it has
been wonderful. With so many excellent releases on the ASIP label, it was
exciting yet challenging to be asked to showcase a few on this mix. Massive
thanks go out to Ryan for the opportunity and trust in letting me do this, the
artists for their incredible talent and hard work, and lastly all the supporters
of this music we love, I hope you enjoy.”- todos
I’m excited for 2022, despite what will undoubtedly be a challenging year for
all small labels, navigating the ever-increasing vinyl challenges. As you are
now evidently the beholder of the classic CD format and reading this, you
may be excited to learn that a few more shiny discs are coming very soon...

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Markus Guentner - Cortical Column



One Million Eyes - Arsenale



Earth House Hold - Hidden Gardens, Hazy Gods



James Bernard - Seasons



Illuvia - Veil Of Mist



Dr. Atmo - Backwaters



Illuvia - Iridescence



Markus Guentner - Overtone (David's Song)



Comit - Timelapse



James Bernard - UWA07



One Million Eyes - Mustang



Illuvia - Nirmala II


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